MPDA honors 10 employees of the supporting class

Ajman Municipality and Planning Department honored 10 of its staff members in the category of "unknown soldiers" in various sectors who have been diligent in performing their duties tirelessly and after a long journey of giving, in terms of social responsibility and to apply the incentives and rewards methodology it has within its strategy.

On the sidelines of the honoring ceremony, HE Abdul Rahman Al Nuaimi, Director General of Ajman Municipality and Planning Department who honored them in his office in the Department, affirmed that honoring this category of staff is a translation of the methodology of incentives and rewards approved by the Department and an encouragement for our unknown staff members "soldiers" which is an integral part of our work methodologies that maximize the achievements of these employees upon leadership directives. So,  we are keen every year to honor many of the employees who hide behind the curtain as unknown soldiers who are characterized by being serious and dedicated in their work as a way of life through what they offer in their work with loyalty and dedication to the Department to give honorable images about themselves in all the locations they work at, praising their good efforts and expressing his deep thanks for their continuous service which serves the department.

Moreover, the honored staff have expressed their pleasure with this honoring, affirming that they received the news of their honoring with great happiness as  it is A coronation for their career as they work silently and perform their duties away from the lights, indicating that this honoring was a pleasant surprise for them, and expressed their thanks to the department and its wise leaders for encouraging and honoring them in line with the year of goodness.

In the same context, The Human Resources department manager Mr. Ahmed Mohammad Al Ali has confirmed that honoring the employees came as a translation for the methodology of incentives and rewards applied by the department upon directions by the Sheikh Rashed ben Hameed AlNaimi, president of the department and under the supervision of HE Abdul-Rahman Mohammad AlNaimi the general manager, saying that it is a good initiative that aims at encouraging the supporting category and stimulate them to exert more effort to serve it. He declared that they deserve tis honoring because of the good influence they make in their work in the department, so they reflect a good image with a good reputation to be an added balance to the efforts of the department in the competition of excellence.

He stated that the honored supporting staff excelled in their giving and in providing their services to all employees in the department, which qualified them to reach this stage of honoring and praising and enhancing their  career in the department.


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