Service Centers

Masfoot Service Center

Masfout Office was established in 1978 in the Masfout area near the Omani border, next to Masfout Public Hospital and opposite the workers housing (which belongs to the Municipality) located on the street that links the main street and the Masfout police station.

Masfoot center provide all services to all Ajman Government’s interties including Ajman Municipality.

Makani Number : 06284 45485

Al Manama Service Center

The Manama Service Cebter began established in 1983. The office functions did not exceed more than monitoring the hygiene, organization of the process of land exchange, inspection at shops to organize the process of issuing Economic licenses

Makani Number : 99978 01446

Main Building

Masfoot Road, El Bustan, Ajman, UAE

Makani Number : 11004 43587 - 43551 10975