The International Standard for Service Excellence

Jul 17, 2017

Municipality and planning Dept.-Ajman announces the adoption of a pioneering initiative to cheer up customers as in the past period it worked on the rehabilitation of human cadres working in Customers’ Happiness Centre to obtain the standard for the Global Star Rating System and the International Standard for Service Excellence TISSE 2012, based on the Department’s keenness to improve the customer experience and to draw smile on his face to be fully satisfied with the services provided.

His Excellency Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi said that the proactive initiative for customers happiness was launched under the direct guidance of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the Head of the Department, and he gives continues attention and due consideration in order to adopt and support all important initiatives which raise the happiness indicator for the customer in order to make him feel comfortable, to achieve smoothness and flexibility in completing his procedures and to save a lot of time, effort and trouble of waiting for hours to get what he wants.

Further, His Excellency clarified that the Department has cooperated with Ethos Integrated Solutions, which has undertaken to train human cadres to technically qualify and provide them with all the experience and skills needed to deal with all society segments and groups. He also pointed out that the Department has formed a team to be in charge of implementing this important initiative, which is composed of specialized employees and high skilled personnel with abilities enabling them to take the lead, complete the process of achieving excellence and leadership in service delivery and directly supervise the responsible groups to guide them to the right path in the field of leadership of customers happiness.

His Excellency said that the phases of project include: a phase of evaluating the current situation in Customer Happiness Centers to ascertain the quality and efficiency of services in addition to an audit phase, which includes assigning ratings that contribute to draw up an improvement plan to accomplish a privileged status in providing services at Customer Happiness Center in comparison to other service centers. In addition, there is a phase of provision of advisory services where Ethos Integrated Solutions has undertaken to provide training workshops and programs for the staff and to qualify the service providers in the front row to deal with the customer through disseminating the culture of excellence and awareness desired to get services in accordance with the best international practices.

Moreover, His Excellency clarified that the initiative has rendered so many results through which we have launched effective initiatives that benefited employees, customers and partners as well as the initiative of providing training to the employees of the strategic partners, pointing out that today we are no longer looking for customer satisfaction, but we have reached an advanced stage; as his happiness is the objective we all now seek.

He pointed out that alongside this initiative; the Department has received ISO 10001 for the Charter of Customer Service, which demonstrates its notable success and achievement of the desired goals. He further clarified that we are looking forward to update the Department’s policies and methodologies towards social responsibility. We succeeded in meeting the Customer’s requirements to the fullest, developing and improving his experience for the best through providing services with high efficiency, reducing the time spent on the transaction as well as reducing the cost significantly, which resulted in increasing customer satisfaction, happiness and positive and favorable consideration.

He elaborated that the Customer Happiness Center has now become a role model among its peers. It is equipped with all the requirements that make it easier for the employee and the customer, in addition to the presence of special skilled service providers with high abilities. They are also provided with courses that enable them to speak various languages, Sign language, and Braille as well as joining courses of public health and safety, first aid, and fire frightening in order to be a group of fully-skilled employees; who are able to deal with all society segments with high flexibility.

His Excellency said that during the coming period we will work on adding new services to make it more easier for the customer and to integrate services; achieving governmental integration and making strategic partnerships that will improve the customer’s journey as well as keeping abreast of trends seeking Smart transformation in all the services provided. He added that the Department will intensify its efforts to complete this important initiative and will continue working according to it to the fullest in order to reach the customer anywhere at any time to be a part of an integrated process and be fully and continuously satisfied and happy.

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