Mohamed visits Medical Waste Incinerator

Oct 24, 2016

Abdulrahman Mohamed Al Nuaimi visits the Medical Waste Incinerator in the emirate and inspects the Al Helw Arboretum and urges the importance of environment preservation awareness and increasing the cultivated areas in the emirate

His Excellency Abdurahman Mohamed Al Nuaimi
, Director General of the Department, accompanied by Eng. Khalid Moein Al Hosni, Executive Director of the Public Health and Environment Sector, visited, yesterday the medical waste incinerator n Al Jarf area and was briefed on the environmental achievements accomplished by the Department in this field, in coordination with all medical bodies in the emirate and it is considered as an added value to the progress of the Department in accomplishing more environmental achievements in the emirate.

His Excellency praised the keenness of the Executive Director of the Public Health and Environment Administration of the Department on encouraging the producers of medical waste to dispose the medical waste permanently by using scientific methods in order to preserve the environment and public health in the emirate.

He listened to a detailed explanation by Eng. Al Hosni on the achievements of the Public Health and Environment Administration in this field and its directives to hospitals and medical centers on disposing medical waste by using scientific methods and using the dumpster allocated by the Department.

His Excellency Director General of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman stressed that this procedure translates the vision, message and strategic objectives of the Department in preserving the environment, under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Department, praising the outstanding and fruitful cooperation between the Department and the Medical Sector in the emirate, and valuing the efforts made by them in intensifying the control over hospitals and medical centers to ensure that they don’t contain waste that are hazardous to the environment and the potential damages to the environmental recourses in the emirate of Ajman.

His Excellency extended his thanks to the Department and the follow-ups of the Environment Preservation Division of the Municipality and Planning Department in the periodic meeting with the concerned persons of the environment and monitoring them in a right method without causing environmental pollution and ensuring their commitment to the environmental conditions and laws in the emirate in addition to stressing the importance of committing to the important environmental requirements in transferring medical waste and warning them of random waste disposal. In addition to following up the Environment Division by carrying out periodic field visits to ensure the process of medical waste transfer in a healthy method that ensures the preservation of the environment according to the public health and environment conditions and local and federal environmental laws according to the Emirati environmental standards and specifications.

In the same context, His Excellency Abdulrahman Mohamed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Municipality and Planning Department, stressed the importance of the public awareness in the emirate to preserve and maintain the environment, in addition to urging the public to return to farming and cultivation of lands to increase green area and increase the number of cultivated land in the emirate by instilling the values of belonging and the love of land in the future generations, as well as guiding them professionally to learn the farming profession and investing their abilities in increasing green areas  by planning environmental trees that are consistent with the local environment. Praising the efforts of the Agriculture and Public Parks Administration for its constant communication with the farms and arboretums owners and urging them to invest in the agricultural field through establishing arboretums and productive farms, which supply all kinds of plants and environmental trees, which ensures their participation with the government in achieving the visions of the leadership to move forward to the green economic as translation to the Ajman vision and strategic plan for 2021.

This came during the inspection visit of His Highness to the Ajman Agricultural Arboretum of the Department in Al Helw area within his inspection visits to all sectors and following up the client closely, under the directives of the leadership and its keenness on urging the public of the emirate to invest in the agricultural field according to the available capabilities in the emirate, particularly the agricultural ones.

His Excellency the Director General toured the facilities of the Al Helw Agricultural Arboretum and inspected the seedlings of the environmental fruiting trees and decorative trees, the production method of agriculture cutting and saplings, which will grow and become trees, and their distribution methods in different areas in the emirate to replant them and to beautify the image of the emirate praising the efforts of the farms and arboretums owners in Al Helw area and their cooperation with the Department in addition to their interest in agriculture and the follow up of the Agriculture and Public Parks for this important sector, which reflects the slogan of the Union’s founder, “Let's Plant the UAE Together”.

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