M&P Dept Ajman organized Innovation Lab

Oct 09, 2016

The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman organized the First Innovation Lab to set a strategy for the development of the Department’s services 

The Institutional innovation team of the Department organized a first innovation lab to study the strategy for the development of the Department’s services at the Fairmont Ajman Hotel, in the presence of the representatives of all the Department’s sectors and administrations that are in charge of developing important services, which affect the lives of the society and requires comprehensive study for constructive development.

For her part, Eng. Nourah Rashid Shataf, Executive Director of the Customer Services Sector of the Agency, stressed in the launch of the innovative lab that the Department considered launching the first lab  of the team with the participation of concerned employees by providing vital and important services to achieve the strategic objectives, which aim to excellence and competitiveness in all work fields, in line with the visions of the senior leadership and the directives of His Highness Shiekh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Department, and a follow up by his Excellency Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department, for their keenness on enhancing the services provided to customers and developing them to be consistent with the international standards of excellence and quality. As the present stage requires focusing on developing the services in line with the visions, wise decisions and directives of the local and federal government to promote all institutions and bodies and to make them a platform for excellence and innovation through transforming into a country that provides all its institutions with services and smart transactions as well as considering the customer’s satisfaction as its top priority and on top of its agenda and tasks.

Shataf added that the Department is taking solid steps in the path of smart transformation, being an integral part of the integrated federal system, as it seeks, with all its human, technical and technological resources, to be a key part in the smart government, which reaches the customers at any time and wherever they are, pointing out that the objectives of the Department are clear and studied to transform the important electronic services, which witness a significant turnout by the audience, into smart services that save time and effort, where it will make the client a part of the process, which will raise the satisfaction rate and facilitate the transactions and their procedures for everyone.

The Head of the Institutional Development Team, said that the Department is considering developing a comprehensive and integrated plan to develop vital services such as Food, Environmental and Consumer Sample Examination Service, Roads Paving Service, Building Permits Issuance Service, Public Health and Hygiene Control Service in addition to Rental Contracts Ratification Service, pointing out that the lab is the first of the meaningful labs to effectively contribute to implementing the plan. in addition to the Department’s organization, represented with the Innovation Team, of a series of workshops and brainstorming sessions for its employees and human resources concerned of the services to acquire as many data as possible from divisions officials, in addition to collect the development requirements of each service to enhance the level of services provided to customers.


The sessions of the innovative lab witnessed a remarkable interaction, from the officials and concerned employees, with the important services and an effective contribution to propose their suggestions and to discuss constructive views as well as addressing the main challenges and obstacles, which faces the development and enhancement of services and contributing to come up with effective solutions to provide smart services, which achieve competitiveness and excellence in different work fields, guarantee gaining the trust and satisfaction of the client, raise the happiness index and enhance the customers experience.

The lab included a session, which opened the effective dialog to attract ideas and direct them towards the right path. The prescience recommended the importance of applying the recommendations, which are considered the a developing benefit of the first lab, ensuring the need to continue organizing the innovate labs and sessions to reach the required objectives.

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