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The department has witnessed successive developments in its administrative structure to keep pace with economic and social developments of the emirate, and the department’s adoption of the strategic planning style. The department has launched its 2009/2013 strategic plan in 2009, which has been constantly updated and 2016/2018 plan has been updated now. The final features of urban planning have been announced. The urban planning likely extends to 2030.

A global annual Conference for Urban Planning has been held successfully, thereby winning the appreciation of its international leaders. Seven conferences have been held until early 2015, and the team responsible for preparation works of conference received the distinguished team award in 2011.

The department was also keen to hold Ajman International Conference on Environment periodically and regularly, and the fourth conference was held in early 2016.

With regard to the infrastructure area, the department has completed a large part of the sanitation project, and also adopted the project of recycling waste using highly advanced and environmentally friendly technology. As for the area of roads, a number of streets has been developed and expanded, two new bridges have been built, many new roads have been established in various areas, and intersections and expansions have been implemented in a number of streets. In addition, the amounts have been allocated in order to continue establishment of new roads that contribute to the smooth flow of traffic.

The department has directed towards the privatization of some services, including sanitation, cleanness, agriculture and irrigation services and some areas of the emirate, like the industrial area, were the first to witness the privatization of services, and privatization of call center.

As for the health and environment safety area, control has been exercised over the work of factories and measuring the proportion of pollutants. Many of the offending industrial activities have been ceased. Also, the department has a laboratory with word-class specifications and the latest hardware on environment and food, which take cares of the monitoring process. There is interest in increasing the cultivated land and afforestation; there is an integrated plan for the cultivation of streets, parks and public areas.

The department pays much attention to the tourism sector and encouraging all activities, such as conferences and events; it has built a series of modern restaurants on the cornice and provided service facilities. The establishment of heritage towns near Ajman Museum is in progress. In addition, it offers all facilities for hotel owners for applying various works and programs.

The department had won twenty-seven excellence awards in local, regional and international domains. one of the most important and local awards the department has received is the first place for the category of Distinguished Government Department in the first session of the award of Government performance Ajman program in 2009. The department has also won four other awards in the same session. It has received the first place in the second session in 2011 and four secondary awards in the same session. It has then won the award for the best governmental service via mobile phone from Dubai in 2014. One of the regional awards which the department has won is the golden shield for community responsibility from Jordan in 2015. The most important international awards the department has won: golden Award for the Organization of American ideas and the golden award for British ideas in 2013 and it has received both awards again. In addition, it has received the distinguished achievement award in the area of geographic information systems in 2015, and the silver Award for rewarding the green world from United States in 2015.

The department has contributed to creating excellent partnerships which led to winning the best ideal partner of the Ministry of Interior award within Prince Naif Award for Excellence in 2011.

A number of leaders, staff and work teams at the department have won internal and external excellence awards, such as excellence pioneers at the state level.

  • Ajman Award for Excellence in Government Performance

    Distinguished Government Department First

    Leadership First

    Human Recourses First

    Customer Results First

    Partnership & Resources First

  • Ajman Award for Projects & initiatives & distinguished government Services

    Distinguished Government Services Third

    Distinguished Government Initiative Third

  • Interior Minister Award For Excellence

    The ideal Partner for the Ministry Interior First

  • Ajman Award for Excellence in Government Performance

    Distinguished Government Department First

    Leadership First

    Strategy First

    Customer Results First

    People Results First

  • Best Government Department In Supporting Statistical work

    Main Prize Statistics First

    Adopt Initiatives First

    Benefit First

    Infrastructure First

  • Volunteering Award

    Main First

  • American Foundation Award for Ideas

    Green Applications Gold

  • British ideas Award

    Green Applications Gold

  • Ajman Award for Projects & initiatives & distinguished government Services

    Balanced Scorecard Second

  • Best Government Service through Mobile Phone

    Smart Services/ Among Ajman First

  • Award global risks of Britain

    Class risk management in government institutions

  • SAG Special Achievement in GIS Award

    Application (gate Ajman electronic maps) ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) - California

  • Golden Shield Award for Social Responsibility

    Category of social responsibility First

  • American Foundation Award for Ideas

    The category of environmental proposals First

  • Silver Award for the bonuses green world

    Silver category

No System Year of winning or application

Universal ratification certificate for the quality management system in an updated version (the first municipality department on the level of the state’s municipalities)

ISO 9001:2015

the quality management system

ISO 9001:2008

Environment management system

ISO 14001:2004

Occupational safety and health (OSH) management system

OHSAS 18001:2008

Technical services management


Information safety and security management

ISO 27001:2013